Grenoble France Tourist Information

Grenoble France

Grenoble France Tourist Information and Vacation Guide

The city of Grenoble France is a picturesque city in the French Alps southeast of Lyon France.  In addition to being a popular winter resort, Grenoble has many tourist attractions and museums.

The thriving community was the site of the 1968 winter Olympics.
Grenoble France 
Grenoble France The Fort de la Bastille (castle) and historic Old Town are the most popular tourist destinations.

Grenoble is situated a the confluence of two rivers: the Drac and the Isere rivers.  Frequent passenger train service is available to Grenoble from Lyon and other cities.
There are many excellent hotels in the heart of Grenoble and at the nearby winter resorts.  Vacationers can enjoy skiing in the Alps during the day and dining in the superb Grenoble restaurants in the evening.

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Grenoble France